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  • Crackdown on Unregulated Crypto Exchanges

    Will your crypto holdings still be worth anything? Or still be there?      

    Cryptocurrency prices have been fluctuating wildly as governments around the world started cracking down on unregulated platforms. To avert the potential of a digital-era bank run, central banks will inevitably implement oversight frameworks for this fast-growing sector.  How will these changes affect your crypto holdings, and how will you prepare yourself for the changes that are coming?

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The answer lies in TWO words; Regulated and Asset-Backed

​Asset-backed tokens is the answer you are looking for.

" These tokens are:

  • Traded on a regulated exchange.
  • Tied to tangible real-world assets.
  • Offer excellent opportunities for capital gains. 
  • Does not fluctuate wildly as some altcoins. "

William L. - Chief Operations Officer 

So your question will be where can I get Regulated Asset-Backed Token?

Introducing FracProperty
Asia Pacific’s #1 Real Asset Token Exchange. 

" FracProperty platform is licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).   We’re here to unlock liquidity for the multi-trillion dollars of real estate assets across the Asia-Pacific region. "

Daniel L. - Chief Executive Officer

what do we do

​Our Mission

To unlock private real estate into liquid assets accessible to everyone, and empowering trusted asset transfers at the speed of the Internet.

Our Vision

We convert real estate into affordable, transparent, and regulated asset-backed digital tokens.  Anyone can now access a regulated online marketplace where international real estate assets are digitalized on the blockchain and traded globally.

How to achieve it?

Our proprietary platform is specifically designed to offer investment-grade properties in ASSET-BACKED DIGITAL TOKENS, enabling multiple options to maximize your portfolio asset allocation.

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A multi-trillion dollar universe of illiquid, privately held assets stands ready to be securitized on the blockchain. Asset-backed tokens are the key that opens the door for compliant and regulated digital ledger investments.  Your FREE FRACs are FracProperty’s native tokens that allows you to participate in our exciting digital asset platform.

With FREE FRACs, you get 5 specific benefits:

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